Dosage and usage

Before application, NODUST®Agri must be diluted into a water solution. The NODUST®Agri solution works best on a moist underground.

Standard dosage

400 – 1.200 litres of NODUST®Agri/ha diluted in a minimum of 1.600l of water provides optimal protection for crops on sandy soils. This means that, on average, end-users can work with a solution of 1:2 of NODUST®Agri in water with an addition rate of approx. 0.25l solution/m2.

For fine seeds, it is recommended to use the lowest dosage of 400 litres NODUST®Agri with 2.100l water/ha.

Other information

NODUST®Agri is a binding agent. Always clean the tank, pipes and nozzles with water after application.

For further application information, please contact your local NODUST®Agri supplier.