Erosion Stop in Agriculture

Project partners

  • Senter Novem
  • WUR (Wageningen University)
  • PRI (Plant Research International)

Project description

Scientific and economical research on NODUST®Agri as a sustainable alternative for manure or paper pulp against wind erosion in agriculture.


  • Specific working analysis of NODUST®Agri under different conditions;
  • Based on objective research, mapping the exact product characteristics and application areas.


  • NODUST®Agri is an effective and efficient alternative for manure or paper pulp;
  • NODUST®Agri only has positive characteristics, beneficial for the environment and plants;
  • Especially effective and suitable against drift and wind erosion damage on high-yield crops.


  • Prevents drift and wind erosion damage to young crops, without harming the environment;
  • Simple and user-freindly; Highly flexible application with farmer’s own equipment, allows for immediate application when bad weather conditions arise;
  • Higher cost efficiency with low dosage compared to manure or paper pulp.